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Sales Associate

Start Date
September 01, 2017

Jobs Description
The Sales Associate is responsible for completing the Rookie Education Program while assisting the store's Management staff with providing quality customer service. The Sales Associate is responsible for becoming knowledgeable in each product area or department in our store. The Sales Associate is responsible for upholding policies, procedures and standards listed in the Visual Manual. He / She must promote each sale and/or promotion to the fullest extent. The Sales Associate orientation period lasts approximately (120) one hundred twenty days with quizzes taken throughout the period. All quizzes must meet proper standards before the program is complete.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Read and practice the information included in the Customer Service Manual.
  • Promote services provided by our company.
  • Follow guidelines for tracking sales and use information to improve selling skills and to set goals.
  • Meet daily individual performance goals and help store reach overall daily sales goals.
  • Update and maintain Team Member Scouting Report.
  • Read, learn, practice and uphold all company policies, procedures and standards as listed in the Operations Policy Manual, Personnel Policy Manual, Visual Manual, Customer Service Manual, and Memos with company directions.
  • Assist in completing daily work lists, District Sales Manager work lists and nightly clean up lists.
  • When not helping a customer, help complete daily work list and store maintenance.
  • Attend all staff meetings as well as all Tech clinics scheduled for store.
  • Assist in completion of weekly shipments.
  • Read, learn and practice presenting merchandise using information in the Product Knowledge Manuals.
  • Maintain average items per sale of at least 1.3 or higher, sales per hour equal to or higher than store average.
  • Communicate merchandise needs, pricing concerns, and Operations problems daily to store management staff.
  • Doubling up to assist each customer during busy or peak periods.
  • Turn over any sale that you cannot close.

Education / Experience Requirements
High school diploma or general education diploma (GED) or be currently enrolled in High School. No experience required.

How to Apply
Visit hibbett.com